Realizing a Carbon-Neutral
and Hydrogen Society

In working to resolve social issues through its businesses, J-POWER applies its extensive technical capabilities honed over many years in project and technology development.
Looking to 2050, J-POWER will introduce the latest technologies and take on the challenges of new business fields with the goal of realizing a carbon-neutral and hydrogen society.

About Us

Our Businesses

Global Business Operations

All around the world,
J-POWER is delivering
effective energy solutions.

Our expertise and 70-year track record in power development are the foundation for meeting people’s needs for energy without fail worldwide.

Global Business Operations

Overseas Power Projects

33 power projects in operation 10 under construction or being planned

Overseas Consulting Projects

361 projects in 64 countries/regions


Our Businesses

J-POWER Operations

J-POWER Operations in Japan

For more than 70 years J-POWER has grown its businesses with a focus on energy and the environment. We will continue to build on our achievements and technologies developed in Japan and around the world.


History of Global Business

For more than 60 years, J-POWER’s consulting services have contributed to the development of electric power and power transformation and transmission facilities, etc. worldwide. For the past 20 years, we have leveraged this track record to become involved in overseas power development projects.



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