Return to Shareholders

Company’s Stance on Returns to Shareholders

Taking into account factors such as the level of profit, earnings forecasts, and financial condition, the company strives to enhance stable and continuous returns to shareholders in line with a consolidated pay-out ratio of around 30%, disregarding factors that cause short-term fluctuations of profit.

  • There will be no change in the Company’s basic emphasis on continuing to provide stable dividends while keeping a certain pay-out ratio in mind. Based on changes in its earnings structure, the Company aims to continue providing returns commensurate with its profit level while maintaining an appropriate balance of shareholder returns, business asset formation, and financial soundness.
  • The Company will continue to sustainably increase its corporate value and strive to enhance returns to shareholders as it grows.

Achievement of Returns to Shareholders

Transition of Dividend per Share

Transition of the Total Amount and Consolidated Dividend Payout Ratio

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