Occupational Health and Safety

The J-POWER Group aims to create safe, healthy, and rewarding workplaces as the foundation of its business activities. J-POWER and other Group companies each have roles and responsibilities and collaborate on implementing health and safety management to prevent occupational accidents, including those of cooperating companies (contractors), and to maintain and improve the health of employees.

Health and Safety Management Systems

Based on laws and regulations, the J-POWER Group engages in initiatives to prevent dangers and health hazards to workers primarily through health and safety committees at Headquarters, local operating units such as power plants, and construction sites. Health and safety committees are composed of a general health and safety manager, a safety manager, a health manager, an industrial physician, and representatives recommended by labor unions. Health and safety committees engage in the advance assessment of risks regarding matters such as work employees engage in, consider safety measures, and examine measures to prevent the recurrence of occupational accidents and health hazards that have occurred. Meanwhile, health and safety promotion councils coordinate with other Group companies and cooperating companies in order to advance health and safety initiatives for the power plant, etc. as a whole.

  1. Note:Since health and safety management systems differ depending on the work content and number of employees, etc., of each operating unit, this diagram shows a typical system at a regional headquarters that manages hydroelectric power plants.

Occupational Accident Prevention Initiatives

In recent years, many occupational accidents have occurred among contractors engaged in construction and other work. Many of these are recurring accidents that are serious or have the potential to become serious. It is therefore extremely important to promote unified safety activities that include cooperating companies to prevent and eliminate such accidents. To this end, under the slogan of creating more effective safety activities through the integrated consideration of facilities, management, and people, we have designated the following operational safety priorities—“Facilities: Discover potential dangers through means such as risk assessments, and promptly take provisional preventive steps and permanent countermeasures;” “Management: Pay attention to safety measures for construction and other work that falls under the paradigm of 3H (“Hajimete” [first time], “Henko” [difference from the previous time], “Hisashiburi” [first time in a while]), cross-sharing recommended initiatives and information about dangers at the Group and departmental levels;” and “People: Focusing on the improvement of safety awareness, a common foundation for facilities, management, and people as well, strengthen safety education initiatives, such as insourcing hands-on safety education.” Based on these priorities, we are forcefully advancing preventive efforts.
Furthermore, in light of the occurrence of serious accidents and the overall number of accidents generally remaining high in recent years, we aimed to cultivate and spread awareness of the utmost importance of safety and safe behavior at the J-POWER Group Health and Safety Convention. When we place a work order for construction with a contractor, we take into consideration such factors as work methods and scheduling in order to ensure a healthy and safe work environment.
The number of occurrences and nature of occupational accidents as well as analyses of the circumstances are reported to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors on a quarterly basis.

Human Resource Strategy and Management Strategy

The J-POWER Group’s human resource strategy is to support the autonomous growth of diverse personnel through the fostering of a culture in which employees can continue to learn regardless of age. By cultivating human resources that can resolutely take on the challenges of transforming themselves and the Group, we aim to encourage efforts to deal with management issues, and further management strategy from the personnel side.

Health and Safety Training

J-POWER Headquarters implements health and safety training for Group companies at J-POWER Headquarters and local operating units for the purpose of improving the health and safety of the entire J-POWER Group. In addition, local operating units implement safety training suitable for their business operations, such as legally mandated training for new hires and employees newly transferred in, special training for work involving electricity, and training about relevant laws and regulations. These units also implement mental health-related training on line-of-command care and self-care. Management-level employees, such as superintendents, and dedicated safety staff are required to participate in seminars and courses held by external organizations in order to improve their health and safety knowledge and management skills and to raise safety awareness. In fiscal 2020, 979 employees participated in such training programs held by J-POWER Headquarters.

Health and Safety Management with Regard to Radiation

The Group is currently proceeding with the construction of the Ohma Nuclear Power Plant in Ohma Town, Shimokita District, Aomori Prefecture. Currently, construction of the Ohma Nuclear Power Plant is still underway and there is no danger of employees and workers being affected by radiation. However, we are planning to establish a health and safety management system related to radiation by the time that it becomes necessary.

Maintaining the Physical and Mental Health of Employees and Their Families

Led by health and safety committees, we promote health checkups and health maintenance guidance, and take infectious disease prevention measures to maintain and improve the health of employees and their families. In addition, we place priority on the prevention of lifestyle-related disease and mental health disorders. Accordingly, we provide specific health checkups and specific health guidance as well as health maintenance and improvement activities* and stress check programs. By taking these measures, we support the sound physical and mental health of employees and their families.

  1. *Health maintenance and improvement activities: Comprehensive activities that integrate activities aimed at total health, both physical and mental, based on Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare guidelines on Total Health Promotion Plans (THP), and activities aimed at fostering a vibrant environment through the Company’s unique communication revitalization initiative.

Human Resource Development Program

Health & Productivity 2021

Promoting Health & Productivity Management Under the slogan “From treatment to prevention,” J-POWER promotes health management by engaging in health maintenance and improvement activities while being cognizant of the PDCA cycle. As a new initiative in fiscal 2020, we provided reimbursement to employees for influenza vaccination.
In recognition of its initiatives, for the third year in a row, J-POWER was certified as a 2021 Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization in the large enterprise category by the Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization Recognition Program implemented jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi. Going forward, we will continue accelerating the pace of our health management initiatives and aim to further enhance corporate value through the improved health and satisfaction of our employees.

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