Basic Policies For Product Procurement

J-POWER/EPDC procures products in accordance with the following guidelines:


J-POWER/EPDC is always trying to procure high quality, fair-priced products.
J-POWER/EPDC welcomes new prospective suppliers from overseas as well as in Japan.


J-POWER/EPDC always endeavors to be fair. Careful and fair selection of suppliers is made based on quality, price, reliability, delivery punctuality and compatibility of products, and technical capabilities, financial position, after-sale service, and environmental protection.

3.Economic Rationality

J-POWER/EPDC procures products following the economic rationality underlying J-POWER/EPDC's principle: "better products, better price".

4.Long and Reliable Partnership

J-POWER/EPDC considers that maintaining a good relationship between suppliers and J-POWER/EPDC is vital.
J-POWER/EPDC is willing to develop long and reliable partnerships with suppliers.

5.Law Abiding

J-POWER/EPDC believes that all business relationships and dealings should conform not only to the relevant laws but also to the spirit of these laws.

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