Major Procurement Items

Major Procurement Items

J-POWER/EPDC procures the following products as power equipment products to build, operate and maintain its power supply facilities. Procurement is made from not only domestic suppliers but also overseas suppliers.
For a concrete procurement plan, please see the Principal Procurement Program of Equipment and Materials.

Thermal Power Plants Boiler and Burner Systems,Steam Turbine and Generator Systems,Main Transformers,Electrostatic Precipitators,Flue-Gas Desulfurization Systems, Flue-Gas Denitrification Systems, Coal Unloading Systems, Coal Handling Systems, Flue-Gas Ducts, Traveling Water Screens,Waste Water Treatment Facilities, etc.
Hydroelectric Power Plants Turbines,Inlet Valves,Generators,Main Transformers,Metal Enclosed Switchgear,Circuit Breakers,Disconnectors,Lightning Arresters, Overhand Traveling Cranes,Batteries,Penstocks,Water Gates,Screens,Trush Luck Rakes etc.
Substation Equipment Transformers,Circuit Breakers,Disconnectors,Arresters,AC/DC Convertor System,Condensers,Reactors
Transmission Facilities Overhead Conductors,Insulators,Galvanized Steel for Towers,Transmission Line Materials,etc.
Telecommunications Equipment Multi-plexer,Data Transmission Equipment,Micro-wave Radio Transmission Equipment,Batteries,etc.
Others Emergency Power Supply Equipment,Steel Structures,Elevators,Cranes,Conveyor Belts,Measurement and Testing Instruments,etc.

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