Our Thoughts on Social Contribution Initiatives

J-POWER Group employees are members of society operating under dual credos: “We pursue harmony with the environment, and thrive in the trust of communities where we live and work” and “We regard profits as the source of our growth, and share the fruits with society.” We will continue to make social contributions with the goal of ensuring sound, sustainable development.
Within the following two main themes for our initiatives, we discuss issues with local people and others who are aiming for the coexistence of energy and the environment. We will share our wisdom and learn from one another as we steadily take action and support volunteering by Group employees.

Together with communities and society

Our corporate activities are supported by the people in the communities where our power plants are located. Just as each of our employees is a good resident of their respective communities, we would like to be a good corporate citizen and contribute to the community and society at all of our business sites. We aim to live together with the community and grow together with society through activities that are trusted and loved by the people of the community.

Aiming for the coexistence of energy and the environment

For people to live life to the fullest, they need both energy to support their livelihoods and a better environment. Using the environmental expertise that we have so far gained through our business operations, we will collaborate with a range of people aiming for the coexistence of energy and the environment. We will contribute to sustainable development in Japan and the world through initiatives that foster the technology as well as the mindset that values energy and the environment.

Community Development Activities in Indonesia (the Central Java Project)

The J-POWER Group is currently moving forward with the Central Java Project in Indonesia, building a 2,000 MW coal-fired thermal power plant which will be a model for highly efficient, environmentally friendly power generation. The J-POWER Group, through PT. Bhimasena Power Indonesia (BPI), provides various supporting activities so that the local community in the area affected by the project can be independent and grow sustainably. As a result of BPI’s execution of these activities in accordance with the needs of local residents and municipal governments based on the feedback they provided regarding activity selection and implementation, BPI has received a number of awards both within and outside of Indonesia for the outstanding quality of the activities.

Specific Initiatives

  • Economic activity support Supporting small businesses (laundries, tailors, etc.) run by local resident groups, as well as local microfinance (providing equipment, training, etc.) Support provided for 203 groups and 2,900 individuals as of 2020
  • Medical support Providing supplemental food for infants and the elderly at village clinics, providing medical kits, training medical volunteers
  • Educational support Supporting an environmental education program operated by the Indonesian government, supporting the creation of a village library in coordination with the regional government and the Coca-Cola Foundation
  • Infrastructure improvement support Setting up public toilets, renovating mosques, setting up a medical clinic, repairing roads, etc. Providing soap, masks, and disinfectant to prevent infection by COVID-19 391 projects implemented as of 2020
  • Social, cultural, and environmental support Recycling activities, coastal tree planting in cooperation with Batang Red Cross, supporting mangrove re-planting, installing artificial fish reefs with fish reef blocks, town cleanup activities, etc.

Main Awards Received

  • TOP CSR Award 2020
  • Indonesia CSR Awards (ICA) 2020
  • Nusantara CSR Award (N-CSR-A) 2020
  • Global Good Governance (3G) Award for category Environmental Responsibility 2019
  • Indonesia Green Award (IGA) for category Coastal Ecosystem Restoration 2019
  • AREA (Asia Responsible Entrepreneurship) Awards for category Health Promotion 2018
  • TOP CSR Improvement 2017
  • TOP Leader on CSR Commitment 2017 for Takashi Irie*
  • Special Award as The Best Environmental Concerned Company on Indonesia Best Electricity Award (IBEA) 2016
  1. *The CEO of BPI and a seconded employee of J-POWER at the time.
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