Creation of a Recycling-Oriented Society

Maintaining and Improving the Industrial Waste Recycling Rate

The J-POWER Group’s target industrial waste recycling rate is 97%. The total amount of industrial waste we generated in fiscal 2020 was 2.05 million tons, with a recycling rate of 99.2 %.

Making Effective Use of Coal Ash and Gypsum

The J-POWER Group’s industrial waste consists of 97% coal ash and gypsum from thermal power stations. We recycle 99.9% of coal ash produced in coal-fired thermal power generation, mainly as material for making cement and for land reclamation. We recycle 99.8% of the gypsum and 100% of sulfuric acid produced as byproducts of emissions desulfurization.

Breakdown of Coal Ash Recycling (displacement tons) Breakdown of Coal Ash Recycling (displacement tons)
  1. Note:Sums of figures may not equal totals due to rounding.
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