J-POWER BLUE MISSION 2050 Efforts to realize a carbon-neutral and hydrogen society

J-POWER's vision for 2050

Based on its mission of meeting people’s needs for energy without fail and playing its part in the sustainable development of Japan and the rest of the world, J-POWER is engaged in the hydroelectric, thermal, wind, and geothermal power generation business and the power transmission and transformation business.
To achieve this mission, J-POWER announced J-POWER Blue Mission 2050 in February 2021, with the goal of meeting the challenge of making its power generation business carbon-neutral by 2050, and as a milestone has set the intermediate goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.

News Release / Topics

May 16,2022
J-POWER and Genex Power Limited to Collaborate on Kidston Stage-3 Wind Project
May 06,2022
Jackson Generation in the US begins commercial operation
J-POWER USA develops first advanced CCGT
HySTRA celebrates completion of world's first liquefied hydrogen vessel voyage in Japan
Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm reaches further milestone completing turbine commissioning
Mitsui Fudosan and J-POWER Team Up on BCP and Decarbonization for First Time in Japan
Power Greening in Nihonbashi and Toyosu Smart Energy Projects
J-POWER Receives Order in India for Consulting Services Related to Construction of the Turga Pumped Storage Project
Fourth Time Providing Technical Support for Construction of a Pumped Storage Power Project in India
Successful Bid: Total 32,000 kW in the 10th Solar Power Bidding
J-POWER’s first Large-scale solar power projects in Japan
J-POWER and Enviva Partners to Collaborate on Supply Chain for Woody Biomass Thermal Power Generation
Realizing Carbon Neutrality through Rooftop Solar Projects in Thailand
Construction Works of Esashi Wind Farm Have Started
The eighth project for J-POWER Group’s wind power in Hokkaido
Renewal Works of Nikaho Kogen Wind Farm Have Started
The fourth renewal project for J-POWER Group’s domestic wind power
Construction Works of Minami Ehime No. 2 Wind Farm Have Started
The second project for J-POWER Group’s wind power in Shikoku area
J-POWER to Introduce New Inhouse-Developed Water Turbines
-First Water Turbine Designed by an Electric Power Company in Japan-
Coal Gasification + CCUS Commercialization through CO2EOR with Schlumberger
-Toward the realization of a carbon-neutral and hydrogen society as part of J-POWER "BLUE MISSION 2050" -
Renewal Works of Sarakitomanai Windfarm Have Started
-The third renewal project for J-POWER Group's domestic wind power-
J-POWER carry out "Esashi wind power project (tentative name)"as a joint project
Commencement of Feasibility Study for the First Southeast Asia CCS Demonstration Project in Gundih Indonesia
-A Joint Study Agreement has been signed with Pertamina and INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI BANDUN to work toward realization of the project.-
J-POWER Joined Asia CCUS Network as a Supporting Member
J-POWER joined the German green hydrogen consortium "AquaVentus"
Osaki CoolGen Project Received "Edison Award"
May 18,2021
Acquisition of shares in Genex Power Limited
-For expanding overseas renewable energy-

Road Map to 2050

Road Map to 2050

Action plan toward 2030

(1)Start of transition from coal to CO2-free hydrogen power generation

We will gradually phase out aging domestic coal-fired power plants, while adding gasification capabilities to existing facilities to upcycle them as high-efficiency power generation systems using hydrogen, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 40% from the current level. By promoting the use of hydrogen, we will contribute to the realization of a new energy society in Japan.
thermal power

(2)Accelerating the development of renewable energy

We will promote new development and value enhancement for power generation, including offshore wind, by leveraging the knowledge we have gained through many years of development, maintenance and operation of renewable energies (hydroelectric power, onshore wind and geothermal). We will promote new development of about 1 GW compared to FY2017 by FY2025 (globally expanding from 9.5 GW to 10.5 GW).

(3)Nuclear power as CO2-free power generation

We will promote the Ohma Nuclear Power Plant Project with ensuring safety as the highest priority, to provide us with another option for CO2-free power generation. Since the Ohma Nuclear Power Plant Project can use MOX fuel, which is recycled from spent fuel produced by nuclear power plants throughout Japan, we can contribute to CO2 reduction through stable operation of nuclear power plants in Japan.

(4)Enhancement of power network as core infrastructure

In order to strengthen the backbone infrastructure that supports Japan's electric power network, we plan to complete the construction of the New Sakuma Frequency Conversion Station by fiscal 2027. In addition, we aim to contribute to projects to reinforce inter-regional connection lines and DC transmission lines, which will be necessary for the mass introduction of renewable energy in the future.
*The power network enhancement is an initiative of J-POWER Transmission Network Co., Ltd.


J-POWER is making an action plan based on the priorities of "Acceleration" and "Upcycle".

Hydrogen Supply Chain in 2050

J-POWER has begun the transition from coal-to-electricity conversion to CO2-free hydrogen production using coal and hydrogen power generation. At the same time, J-POWER will pursue the possibility of expanding its business domain through the supply hydrogen for various uses. Hydrogen Supply Chain in 2050

Transition to CO2-Free Hydrogen Energy

J-POWER worked on demonstration tests for oxygen-blown coal gasification and CO2 separation and capture. Those technologies are on the verge of commercialization.
By upcycling existing power plants by applying new technology, and adding gasification and CO2 separation and capture facilities to existing facilities, J-POWER will achieve CO2-free hydrogen power generation in an economically rational and quick manner. Transition to CO2-Free Hydrogen Energy

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