Realizing a Carbon-neutral and Hydrogen Society

We will help realize a carbon-neutral and hydrogen society.

For the future of our beautiful, blue planet,
and for the more than seven billion people who live on it.

The J-POWER Group formulated
based on the need to expedite its
initiatives for climate change.
We will devote our full efforts to
expanding CO2-free energy sources,
starting with renewable energy,
and to developing CO2-free hydrogen.

Road to 2050

We aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 46% in 2030,
and achieve net zero CO2 emissions in our power generation business in 2050.


This roadmap will be updated and refined as needed, depending on government policies and the progress of industrial development. In addition, we will review the contents as relevant factors change.
1: Compared to the actual emissions in FY2013.
2: Including the use of hydrogen extracted from ammonia for power generation.
3: The power network enhancement is an initiative of J-POWER Transmission Network.


Three Pillars

We will work steadily to achieve carbon neutrality and a hydrogen society,
with acceleration and upcycling as our priorities.


We will accelerate the expansion of renewable energy in Japan and internationally. Domestically, we will do so by working to enhance both power networks and energy sources with output adjustment capability, such as those for pumped storage hydroelectricity and hydrogen power generation.


Through upcycling, which enhances value by adding the latest technologies to existing power generation facilities, we will reduce CO2 emissions quickly and economically.

News / Press Releases

Nov. 29,2023
J-POWER Holds Japan’s First Zero-Carbon Conference Related to Blue (Ocean-Derived) Carbon Credits
- Offsetting the Carbon Footprint of a Kitakyushu Port Decarbonization Conference on J Blue Credits -
Nov. 08,2023
Aggregation Service Contract Signed for Virtual Power Purchase Agreement for PV Solar Power Plants
Oct. 31,2023
J-POWER Announces Plans for Matsushima Thermal Power Plant
Upgrading Plant and Equipment to Reduce CO2 Emissions; Progress on GENESIS Matsushima Plan
Oct. 31,2023
Nagayama Power Station: Modernization Begins Start of Comprehensive Renovations for Hydroelectric plant
Oct. 20,2023
New Tomamae Winvilla Wind Farm Begins Commercial Operation: Renovations Complete at J-POWER Group’s First Domestic Wind Power Site
Sep. 29,2023
METI Program Adopts J-POWER’s Proposal: Study on GHG Emission Reduction and Economic Feasibility by the Introduction of Combined Distributed Renewable Energy Resources in the Philippines
Aug. 25,2023
Signing of a contract for “Study on Implementation of Japan’s Advanced CCS Project” in FY2023
Jul. 19,2023
The Philippines: Lake Mainit Hydroelectric Power Plant Starts Commercial Operation
—Opening Ceremony Held On-Site—
Jul. 06,2023
J-POWER, IINO LINES and Norsepower collaborate to install world's first rotor sail on a dedicated coal carrier
Jun. 30,2023
J-POWER and Genex Sign Joint Development Agreement for Solar Power and Battery Project in Australia as well as Loan Agreement
Jun. 13,2023
Selection of Candidate Project for "Study on Implementation of Japan's Advanced CCS Project” in FY2023
May 30,2023
Joint Research Agreement Signed for Next-Generation (Floating Axis) Small-scale Offshore Wind Turbine Demonstration Project
Developing a Japanese-produced floating wind turbine to reduce the cost of offshore wind power
May 25,2023
J-POWER Devises Novel CO2 Underground Storage Technology Using Hydrate Mechanism
Patent Granted for New CCS Storage Method
May 19,2023
Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for the Construction of Kitakyushu Hibikinada Solar Power Station
J-POWER’s Large-scale Solar Power Project in Japan
Apr. 21,2023
Suezawa Hydroelectric Power Station: Modernization Begins
Start of Comprehensive Renovations for Hydroelectric Power Station Operating over 60 Years
Apr. 03,2023
J-POWER Begins Operation of Onikobe Geothermal Power Station —Renovated Geothermal Power Station in Kurikoma National Park Starts Operating, with Local Cooperation—
Mar. 23,2023
First Coal Carrier for Japanese Thermal Power Stations to Use a Wind-Powered Kite Propulsion
Mar. 22,2023
Ashoro Hydroelectric Power Station Unit 1 Begins Commercial Operation: Comprehensive Renovations Completed for Plant Operating over 60 Years
Mar. 08,2023
Joint Feasibility Study on Clean Hydrogen Production extracted from gasified Latrobe Valley coal in Victoria, Australia
Feb. 27,2023
Joint Examination of Social Implementation for Carbon Neutrality in Australia: Using Low-Carbon Materials for Sequestration and Obtaining CO2 Reduction Credits
Feb. 16,2023
New Shimamaki Wind Farm Begins Commercial Operation:J-POWER Group’s First Updated Wind Power Plant in Japan
Feb. 06,2023
Esashi Wind Farm Begins Commercial Operation: J-POWER Group’s Seventh Wind Power Plant in Hokkaido, Japan
Jan. 26,2023
Japan's first full-scale CCS: J-POWER, ENEOS, and JX to establish joint venture for feasibility study of domestic CCS storage projects
Dec. 19,2022
J-POWER to participate in hydroelectric power generation projects on Mindanao, the Republic of the Philippines
Aug. 26,2022
Vietnam: MoU Signed with Vinafor for Joint Examination of Biomass Business Development
Aug. 17,2022
J-POWER Signs Joint Development Agreement with JHI in the US for New Hydroelectric Power Plant
Hydroelectric power plant development project in the state of Alaska, US
Jun. 08,2022
J-POWER and Marubeni fund A$20 million in Glencore’s CTSCo Project in Queensland
May 16,2022
J-POWER and Genex Power Limited to Collaborate on Kidston Stage-3 Wind Project
May 06,2022
Jackson Generation in the US begins commercial operation
J-POWER USA develops first advanced CCGT
HySTRA celebrates completion of world's first liquefied hydrogen vessel voyage in Japan
Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm reaches further milestone completing turbine commissioning
Mitsui Fudosan and J-POWER Team Up on BCP and Decarbonization for First Time in Japan
Power Greening in Nihonbashi and Toyosu Smart Energy Projects
J-POWER Receives Order in India for Consulting Services Related to Construction of the Turga Pumped Storage Project
Fourth Time Providing Technical Support for Construction of a Pumped Storage Power Project in India
Successful Bid: Total 32,000 kW in the 10th Solar Power Bidding
J-POWER’s first Large-scale solar power projects in Japan
J-POWER and Enviva Partners to Collaborate on Supply Chain for Woody Biomass Thermal Power Generation
Realizing Carbon Neutrality through Rooftop Solar Projects in Thailand
Construction Works of Esashi Wind Farm Have Started
The eighth project for J-POWER Group’s wind power in Hokkaido
Renewal Works of Nikaho Kogen Wind Farm Have Started
The fourth renewal project for J-POWER Group’s domestic wind power
Construction Works of Minami Ehime No. 2 Wind Farm Have Started
The second project for J-POWER Group’s wind power in Shikoku area
J-POWER to Introduce New Inhouse-Developed Water Turbines
-First Water Turbine Designed by an Electric Power Company in Japan-
Coal Gasification + CCUS Commercialization through CO2EOR with Schlumberger
-Toward the realization of a carbon-neutral and hydrogen society as part of J-POWER "BLUE MISSION 2050" -
Renewal Works of Sarakitomanai Windfarm Have Started
-The third renewal project for J-POWER Group's domestic wind power-
J-POWER carry out "Esashi wind power project (tentative name)"as a joint project
Commencement of Feasibility Study for the First Southeast Asia CCS Demonstration Project in Gundih Indonesia
-A Joint Study Agreement has been signed with Pertamina and INSTITUT TEKNOLOGI BANDUN to work toward realization of the project.-
J-POWER Joined Asia CCUS Network as a Supporting Member
J-POWER joined the German green hydrogen consortium "AquaVentus"
Osaki CoolGen Project Received "Edison Award"
May 18,2021
Acquisition of shares in Genex Power Limited
-For expanding overseas renewable energy-