Environmental Initiatives

In addition to our CO2 reduction initiatives aimed at achieving carbon neutrality, the J-POWER Group works to achieve global sustainable growth through efforts that include the reduction of environmentally harmful substances, creation of a recycling-oriented society, and conservation of the biodiversity.

Addressing Climate Change

Work on realizing carbon neutrality using our experience and technology to provide a constant energy supply and bring about a sustainable society.

Addressing Global Environment Issues

Seek to operate in harmony with local environments by adopting measures to reduce the environmental impact of our operations while working to save, recycle, and reuse resources in order to limit waste.

Ensuring Transparency and Reliability

Ensure that our business activities comply with all applicable laws and regulations, disclose a wide range of environmental information, and enhance communication with stakeholders.

For details on environmental data, see our integrated report under E: Environment.

About our initiatives which includes accelerating the development of CO2-free power sources and reducing CO2 emissions, please see J-POWER “BLUE MISSION 2050”.

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