Business Overview

We will meet people’s needs for energy without fail,
and play our part in the sustainable development of Japan and the rest of the world.

Besides to large-scale hydroelectric power plants that have supported Japan’s postwar economic development, overseas coal-fired power plants that we introduced in the wake of the oil crisis, and cross-regional interconnection lines, we hold strengths in the form of comprehensive power born from harmonizing and creating synergies from elements that include the expansion of our business into fields such as renewable energy and international businesses that we actively pursued even before privatization, the depth of our human resources that engage in these businesses, and our accumulation of business development, operations, and technical knowhow.

Thermal Power Generation and Zero Emission Technology

J-POWER supports world’s society and economy through renewable energy and thermal power generation. At the same time, we are developing technologies to reduce CO2 emissions.


J-POWER Group owns and operates transmission and transformation facilities to transport the electricity generated to the consumption areas.

Consulting Business

For years, J-POWER has been providing technical consulting services on power stations, transformers and transmission equipment, etc. Since our first overseas project in 1962, we have undertaken over 360 projects in 64 countries and regions.

J-POWER Group Facilities

J-POWER Group constitutes the well-balanced portfolio with diverse power generation and transmission and transformation facilities in Japan and around the world.

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