Basic policy on information security

The J-POWER Group - an power industry engaged in providing energy worldwide-recognizes that enforcing information security is an important responsibility of corporate management. Its continuous efforts to maintain information security are carried out under the following policies:

  • All officers and employees of the J-POWER Group recognize that ensuring effective information security is an important corporate responsibility. The J-POWER Group has established a team to promote information security and to observe relevant laws and requirements.
  • The J-POWER Group has established policies and rules for the management of information security and is continuously engaged in activities necessary to ensure information security, including thorough education of its employees, appropriate supervision of its contractors, and the maintenance of prompt backups, alternative means and recovery systems for emergencies.
  • The J-POWER Group rigidly implements its information security measures, both physically and systematically, to prevent illegal access to information, and any loss or leakage of, or unauthorized modification of it.
Electric Power Development Co.,Ltd. KDC Engineering Co.,Ltd.
JP Business Service Corporation
[Has obtained ISMS certification.]
Jpec Co.,Ltd. J-POWER Entech, Inc.
JPHYTECH Co.,LTD Japan Network Engineering Co.,Ltd.
[Has obtained ISMS certification.]
KEC Corporation
[Has obtained ISMS certification.]
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