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Based on the J-POWER Group Corporate Philosophy, we have formulated the J-POWER Corporate Conduct Rules, which are basic guidelines for behavior in line with compliance and business ethics principles that must be observed in the course of implementing business operations and set forth basic principles for compliance. The Compliance Code lays down more-concrete decision-making standards for actions taken by individual employees, including members of management, when conducting business activities. In addition, the Company distributes copies of The Compliance Manifesto to all employees and works to encourage the awareness of compliance by having them sign and carry the manifesto with them.

J-POWER has given its chairman responsibility for overseeing Company-wide compliance. The Company’s compliance promotion system centers on the director in charge of compliance, who implements compliance promotion programs and assists the chairman and president in this regard. In addition, the Compliance Action Committee, chaired by the chairman, has been established to discuss Company-wide compliance promotion measures, evaluate the implementation status of them, and address issues related to compliance violations. To quickly and accurately promote operations pertaining to compliance promotion, two task forces have been set up, one regarding Companywide compliance promotion and the other autonomous safety activities based on the safety regulations of the Company. Two executive vice presidents have been assigned to chair these task forces.

At such major operating units as branches and thermal power plants, compliance committees are also established in individual units to carry out compliance activities tailored to the special characteristics of each unit. Group companies also participate in these compliance committees so that compliance activities are consistently promoted throughout the Group. Compliance Consulting Points have been established at the Internal Audit Department and at an external law firm to serve as a consulting hotline in the event that employees face compliance issues. The employees who are seeking or have attended a consultation are rigorously protected.

The J-POWER Group is working to promote compliance by dividing compliance-related duties and responsibilities among these units while also encouraging cooperation and collaboration among the units.

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