Company Information

Company Information

J-POWER Operations in Japan

For more than 60 years J-POWER has expanded and diversified its business operations while continuously focusing on energy and environment. Building on our achievements and marshaling technologies developed in Japan and around the world.

Generating Facilities

Hydroelectric Power

J-POWER has built and run hydroelectric power stations for over 60 years. As of April 1, 2019, its 61 hydroelectric power stations in Japan had a total capacity of about 8.6GW.

Project List (more than 200MW)

Name Capacity(MW) Type Started Operation
Shintoyone 1,125 pumped storage 1972
Okukiyotsu 1,000 pumped storage 1978
Shimogo 1,000 pumped storage 1988
Numappara 675 pumped storage 1973
Okukiyotsu No.2 600 pumped storage 1996
Okutadami 560 General 1960
Tagokura 400 General 1959
Sakuma 350 General 1956
Ikehara 350 pumped storage 1964
Tedorigawa No.1 250 General 1979
Nagano 220 pumped storage 1968
Miboro 215 General 1961

Thermal Power Generation

J-POWER operates seven coal-fired thermal power stations in this category. It specializes in coal-fired thermal power generation.

As of April 1, 2019, J-POWER operated seven coal-fired thermal power stations with a combined output of about 8.0GW. J-POWER is the largest coal-fired thermal power station operator in Japan.

Project List

Name Capacity(MW) Fuel Type Started Operation
Tachibanawan 2,100 Coal 2000
Matsuura 2,000 Coal 1990
Takehara 1,050 Coal 1967
Isogo 1,200 Coal 2002
Matsushima 1,000 Coal 1981
Takasago 500 Coal 1968
Ishikawa Coal 312 Coal 1986

Wind Power Generation

J-POWER has been a leader in the use of wind, a clean, renewable energy source, in the generation of electricity. Today J-POWER is the second-largest provider of wind power in Japan, operating 22 wind farms with a combined capacity of 443.6 MW, as of April 1, 2019.

Project List (more than 25MW)

Name Capacity(MW) Started
Koriyama-Nunobiki Kogen 65 2007
Irozaki 34 2010
Tomamae winvilla 30 2000
Minami Ehime 28 2015
Hiyama-Kogen 28 2011
Kaminokuni 28 2014

Distribution Facilities

As of April 1, 2019, J-POWER maintained a nationwide network of about 2,400 kilometers of transmission lines, four substations, one frequency converter stations, and four AC/DC converter stations, plus a telecommunications network.

Transmission Lines

Total Lines 2,404.6km
AC power transmission lines 2,137.4km
DC power transmission lines 267.2km


Number 4
Capacity 4,301MVA

Frequency Converter Station

Number 1
Capacity 300MW

AC/DC Converter Stations

Number 4
Capacity 2,000MW

Telecommunications Network

Total circuit length 5,833km
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