Business Overview

Business Overview

Power Generation Business

Applying the knowledge and technical capabilities developed through our domestic operations and leveraging the experience, trust, and networks we have built up through our overseas consulting projects, J-POWER has been actively seeking out and developing commercial power generation projects overseas. As of May 31, 2021, we have 33 projects in 5 countries, representing a combined generation capacity of 6,528MW (owned capacity).

J-POWER intends to expand the businesses it has so successfully developed in countries like Thailand and the United States, while actively extending its reach into new markets.

J-POWER's Participation in Overseas Power Generation Projects

(As of May 31, 2021)

Project Name Electricity Generation Source
Thailand (14 projects) Current Status : In operation
Roi-Et Green Biomass (Rice Husk)
Rayong Gas (Combined Cycle)*1
Nong Khae Gas (Combined Cycle)*1
Yala Green Biomass (Parawood)
Kaeng Khoi 2 Gas (Combined Cycle)
KP1 Gas (Combined Cycle)*1
KP2 Gas (Combined Cycle)*1
TLC Gas (Combined Cycle)*1
NNK Gas (Combined Cycle)*1
NLL Gas (Combined Cycle)*1
CRN Gas (Combined Cycle)*1
NK2 Gas (Combined Cycle)*1
Nong Saeng Gas (Combined Cycle)
U-Thai Gas (Combined Cycle)
China (4 projects) Current Status : In operation
Hanjiang (Xihe/Shuhe) Hydro
Gemeng *2 Coal, Wind, Solar, Hydro
Hezhou Coal
U.S.A. (10 projects) Current Status : In operation
Tenaska Frontier Gas (Combined Cycle)
Elwood Energy Gas (Simple Cycle)
Green Country Gas (Combined Cycle)
Pinelawn Gas (Combined Cycle)
Equus Gas (Simple Cycle)
Fluvanna Gas (Combined Cycle)
Edgewood Gas (Simple Cycle)
Shoreham Jet Fuel (Simple Cycle)
Orange Grove Gas (Simple Cycle)
Westmoreland Gas (Combined Cycle)
Other Countries/Region (5 projects) Current Status : In operation
CBK (Philippines) (3 projects) Hydro
Kidston Stage 1 (Australia) Solar
Jemalong Solar (Australia) Solar
Under Construction/Development (10 projects)
Central Java (Indonesia) Coal
Triton Knoll (U.K.) Offshore Wind
Jackson (U.S.A.) Gas (Combined Cycle)
Wharton (U.S.A.) Solar
Refugio (U.S.A.) Solar
Birchwood (U.S.A.) (2 projects) Solar, Storage
K2-Hydro (Australia) Pumped-storage Hydroelectric
K2-Solar (Australia) Solar
Kidston Stage-3 Wind (Australia) Onshore Wind
  1. Co-generation facilities that make use of waste heat resulting from power generation.
  2. Gemeng International Energy Co., Ltd., is an electric power company that owns 14 power generation companies.
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