Consulting Business


J-POWER has been providing engineering consultancy services on power development planning, various surveys such as feasibility study, designing and construction supervision of hydro power, thermal power, transmission lines and substations throughout world, for over half a century, with the number of projects totaling 359 (as of January 31,2020).
2 types services are mainly implemented by J-POWER. The one is that under Japan’s technical cooperation projects scheme funded by government agencies such as Japan International Cooperation Agency(JICA), J-POWER conducts technical assistance in planning stage like basic and feasibility studies and designs intergovernmental programs in order to promote the specific projects and the other is technical assistance in field like design and supervision for the construction work on the Yen Loan project. Furthermore, based on direct contracts with entities such as foreign government agencies and private companies, J-POWER expands its services for whole aspects to the commercial projects.

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