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History of overseas consulting services
(major projects only)

2017Chulaphorn pumped storage power station (Thailand)
2016Ultra Super Critical Coal-fired Power Project (Vietnam)
2015Ulan Bator No.4 Power Station Optimization Project (Mongolia)
2014 High-efficiency and Eco-friendly Coal-fired Power Project (Sri Lanka)
2013 Study on optimization of power sources to meet peak demand (Sri Lanka)
2012Preparatory study on the Ayago Hydropower Project (Uganda)
2011Nationwide master plan study on storage-type hydropower generation (Nepal)
2008Study on improvement of the efficiency of thermal power generation (India) Consulting services for improvement of the efficiency of coal-fired power generation)
2007Study on promotion of energy saving measures (Indonesia) (Consulting services for energy saving)
2003Upper Kotmale Hydropower Project (Sri Lanka)
1996Yuncan Hydropower Project (Peru)
1994Ham Thuan Dami Hydropower Project (Vietnam)
1990Lam Ta Khong Pumped Storage Power Project (Thailand) (Consulting services for pumped storage power generation)
Purulia Pumped Storage Power Project (India)
1985Tianshengqiao Hydropower and Transmission Project (China)
1984Technical assistance on NOx emission reductions (Austria) (Environmental conservation project in Europe)
1982Port Kelang Phase II Thermal Power Project (Malaysia) (Consulting services for large-scale coal-fired power generation)
1971Lima Chimbote Transmission Line Project (Peru) (Consulting services for large-scale power transmission)
1974Thermal Power Project (The Philippines) (The first consulting services for thermal power generation)
1969Hasan Ugurlu Hydropower Project (Turkey)
1967Srinagarind Hydropower Project (Thailand)
1962Tacna Hydropower Project (Peru) (The first consulting services provided on a commercial basis)
1960Revision of the Electric Power Development Promotion Law (Commencement of overseas consulting services)

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