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Company Information

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Invitation of Application
The construction of Tokyo-Chubu cross-regional interconnection project

The application is closed.


J-POWER invites transmission line construction companies for the above project.
Please refer to released documents below by OCCTO regarding the project and transmission line construction undertaken by J-POWER.
* Scope of Work : (3) Outline of construction work on page 10 - transmission line conducted by J-POWER
* Principal Process : Principal Process on page 4 - Sakuma East and Sakuma West line etc. conducted by J-POWER.

2.Application Period

August 6, 2018 - August 20, 2018.

3.Eligible Applicants

Companies who intend to accept the order of construction in a responsible way.


After completing "Application Form" attached on the bottom of this page, please send it in electronic data and the signed original document to the following e-mail address to the postal address respectively.

[E-mail address]

* Subject should be "【application】Transmission lines for Tokyo-Chubu Interconnection Project(your corporate name)".
* A person in charge will contact you after receiving your e-mail.

[Postal address]

Procurement Department, Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.
15-1, Ginza 6-Chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-8165 JAPAN


Applicants shall receive prequalification documents and be requested to send required documents by 30 August 2018. Prequalification on financial conditions and technical requirements shall be conducted based on documents submitted by applicants.


Any inquiries should be made to the above e-mail address with your contact details. Response to inquiries made on the weekend or holiday shall be made on the following business day or afterward.


Please note that this application and afterwards process shall be made in Japanese language only.

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