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Company Information

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The questionnaire survey of the construction of extra high voltage transmission lines for Cross-regional Network Development Plan regarding the cross-regional interconnection between Tokyo EPCO and Chubu EPCO.

The above construction between Tokyo and Chubu is more than 100 km distance of large scale work that includes both installation of new extra high voltage lines and removal of existing lines.
In order to secure timely construction, J-POWER plans to conduct a questionnaire survey on transmission line work in January 2018 to transmission line construction companies. (Expected construction period is early JFY 2022 to middle of JFY 2027.)

J-POWER will send the questionnaire survey by delivery mail to the companies who have experience of extra high voltage transmission line construction to the best of our knowledge. We welcome any contact from companies who have equivalent construction capacity or interest in joining our survey.

[Contact] Dept. J-Power)

Any inquiries should be made to the above e-mail address with your contact details.
Response to inquiries on the weekend or holiday shall be made on the following business day or afterward.
Please note that the questionnaire survey is Japanese language only and Construction Business License by law of Construction Business Act is required for transmission line construction in Japan.

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