Corporate Profile
Maeda and Kitamura
Yasuo Maeda
Masayoshi Kitamura
J-POWER can look back on a proud history spanning over 60 years as an electric power wholesaler with a proven track record of reliable, low-cost power supply. The nationwide network of power transmission trunk lines we have built and operate has made a significant contribution to Japan's economic development and the improvement of living standards in Japan. In October 2004, we were listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange and this completed our transformation to a private sector company in all aspects.

Our performance records as of the end of March 2013 show that we have built and operate 66 power plants with a total output capacity of about 17,000 megawatts and a transmission network of about 2,400 kilometers of power lines.

As part of our international commitment, since 1960 we have carried out 333 consulting service projects with 63 countries and regions mainly from the developing world. This has included surveying, design and construction supervision of hydro and thermal power development as well as environment protection measures. Recently, we have become engaged in a wide range of global operations such as IPP( Independent Power Producer) projects.

In view of the very serious situation brought about by the recent Great East Japan Earthquake, we are exerting every effort in our corporate mission to meet people's needs for energy without fail, and play our part the sustainable development of Japan and the rest of the world.
Maeda Yasuo Maeda
Kitamura Masayoshi Kitamura